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A look back at the 'good old days!'

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The Cost of Living in 1965
New Home $13,600.00
Average Rent $118.00/Month
New Car $2,614.00
Tutition to Harvard $1,760.00/Year
Minimum Wage $1.25/Hour
Average Income $6,469.00/Year
DOW Average 969
1st Class Postage Stamp $.05
Gasoline $.31/Gallon
Movie Ticket $1.25
Sugar $.55/5lb bag
Coffee $.87/lb
Milk $1.05/Gallon
Eggs $.35/Dozen
Bacon $.70/lb
Fresh Ground Beef $.42/lb
Fresh Baked Bread $.21/Loaf
Top Books
Shadow of a Bull Maia Wojciechowska
The Autobiography of Malcom X Alex Haley & Malcom X
In Cold Blood Truman Capote
Academy Awards
Best Picture Sound of Music Directed by  Robert Wise
Best Actor Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou
Best Actress Julie Christie in Darling

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