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This page is dedicated to the memory of the following classmates that have passed away.  We would like to expand this page to include more details about the lives of these individuals.  If you have any additional information (i.e. copies of their obituary, etc.) that you feel would help us know more about the person they became, please let us know.  Also let us know if we have overlooked anyone that should be included here.

Follow this link to view the Memorial video created by '66 classmate Curtis Ivie.

Memorial Video (Oct 2015)

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In Memory Of


                                Deceased Classmates


  Frank Alton Allen 5/11/2010  
William Deen (Bill) Allen Jr. 7/8/2003  
Charles M. (Lucky) Ballew 10/29/1999  
  Judy Gwen Bates-O'Rear 12/3/2014  
Neila Beets-Cantrell


  Larry Bennett 2/14/2014  
  Linda Brittain-Rogers 1/5/1998  
  Travis Brown


  Bruce Butler 10/2/2004  
Charles Cordell


Katie Denson-Bewley


  Donna Edmiaston-Parsons 12/13/2008  
William M. (Bill) Elliot 1/20/1985  
Lloyd Ray Estell 2/16/1989  
Larry David Ferguson 5/9/2001  
Joe Fletes 2/28/2000  
  Jan Green-Ivie 9/7/2008  
  James Greer 11/25/2013  
  Debbie Harris-Slate 11/30/2010  
  Betty Hayes-Arnett 2/28/2012  
Jerry David Haynes 11/1/1972  
Pat Hestand-Poteet 3/8/1997  
Donald Lee Ivie 2/5/2000  
  Neil Ivie 4/29/2015  
  Pat Jackson-Doss 7/21/2009  
Willa Jean Johnson


Herman Jones 1/15/2000  
Aretta Irene Kelly 12/17/1998  
Robert H. (Bob) Kent 2/19/1986  
  Jerry Long 7/24/2009  
George Edward Matthews 5/12/2009  
  Diane McCain-Taylor


  Sharon McCann-Howard 11/13/2014  
Walter Merrell 3/28/1980  
David Wayne Mitchell 7/11/1990  
  Nelson Mooneyhan 9/20/2011  
  Gene Moore 10/15/2011  
  Henry (Hank) Murphey 3/16/2015  
  Sharon Murphey-Seely 10/3/2014  
Tony Norris 8/25/2004  
  Mary Percival-Hale 2/12/2011  
  Tom Poindexter 1/8/2013  
  Grover Raney 8/15/2013  
  Jerry Rogers 12/25/2010  
B. Lynn Sanders III 6/19/2002  
  Kal Shwarts 08/03/2012  
Mary Skinner


Susan Jo Skinner 10/14/1964  
  Diane Soape-Ward 1/12/2015  
Bill Talkington 6/14/1960  
Ronny Tally 10/2/2004  
  Linda Taylor-Brown 7/25/2015  
Teresa Nan Taylor-Brown 3/3/2003  
Serena Travis


Wanda Sue Walden 2/22/2003  
  Roy Washam 3/5/2001  
  Chick Whistler 5/04/2012  
Mike Wood 11/6/2008  
  Gary Youngblood 8/12/2012  
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